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After years spent hidden away developing and evolving, Shadow Mantra is ready to stand tall in the vast ocean of music with the release of Light of the Diamond. The debut release delves into the ideas of time travel and World Lines. Inspired by the visual novel Steins;Gate. It explores what it would be like to repeatedly try and save someones life while battling with the subsequent emotional strains and psychological trials.

Shadow Mantra is the creation of Steve M, with the debut album, Light Of The Diamond, featuring guest drummer, Rowan Tremain, of At World's End.  Expect to hear an amalgamation of groove laden riffs, sorrowful melodies, and progressive sonic journeys.

String Buzz - 'Incredibly elaborate yet aggressive tunes that suck you in, rough you up, and throw you back out again!' - Feb 2017

New Youtube Channel! 

I've started a new youtube channel that will have guitar and recording related videos appearing on it. The first one is a restringing tutorial with a few tips and tricks you many not know. Check it out below.

#Nametheriff Compilations on Youtube 

The first two compilations of the #nametheriff game that is being played on the Shadow Mantra Instagram accounts are now up on youtube.

To join in either follow Shadow Mantra on Instagram @shadow_mantra or @shadow_mantra_steve, or by watching the videos below.

Light of the Diamond - Available Now! 

The debut album is now available to stream and purchase! Head over to to listen and purchase.

Thank-you to everyone for all the support and positive feedback so far! If you like what you hear please help support Shadow Mantra by sharing the music.

The album features the drum work of Rowan Tremain so also head over to his page and support a great drummer as well as his band At World's End.

Press Release:

'After years spent hidden away developing and evolving, Shadow…

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